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Weight Loss

Nutritional advice is different for each patient. It is a personalised treatment for each patient, which depends on personal goals and lifestyle.
All personal, professional, emotional and social factors are taken into account when establishing a nutritional program or a tailored diet. The goal is to reach the objectives defined, without being hungry, by learning all the bases of the balanced diet, so as to be able to apply them in a sustainable way.

The main solution is to understand how your body works, and that's what I teach you from the first session.

Stabilisation is the key for your success.

Maigrir 1 Tailored nutrition Your diet according to your needs.
Maigrir 2
Maigrir 3
Maigrir 4


The nutrition of the child (0 to 18 years) is a completely different approach than for the adult. We are not talking about diet or restrictions.
It's about understanding foods, to respond to different phases of growth. It is the establishment of a balanced diet.

For a child's weight management:
My method is based on the recommendations of Prevention Network of Obesity in Pediatrics, Professor Claude Ricour of Necker Children's Hospital in Paris.

The priority is not to lose weight, but to stop weight gain that is not proportional to growth
The consultation of dietetics and nutrition in pediatrics is above all to listen and reassure the child. It is ecouraging and supporting them in their approach in line with their family.

Pédiatrie 1 Children and Nutrition Pediatrics and dietetics. Prevent food problems.
Pédiatrie 2
Pédiatrie 3
Pédiatrie 4


A nutritionist in Paris for your pregnancy and breastfeeding follow-up.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life. In creating life, the nutritional needs of women evolve. During breastfeeding, the nutritional needs of the young mother are not back to normal.

The nutritionist allows the pregnant woman to meet the needs of the baby and family. It optimises the growth of the future infant by listening to the physiological needs of the future mother.

Nutritional needs during pregnancy change, so you have to personalised the diet.

Grossesse 1 Grossesse et Nutrition Bien manger lorsque l'on est enceinte. Préparer sa grossesse. Construire un régime adapté.
Grossesse 2
Grossesse 3
Grossesse 4

Eating disorder

Nutritionist in Paris
The most common cases of eating disorders are bulimia, anorexia and hyperphagia.

The consultation at a nutritionist allows you to speak; to express your fears and your food anxieties to control them.

Reconnaitre les aliments, comprendre les associations de nutriments est un premier pas vers la réussite

TCA 1 Eating Disorder To control anorexia, bulimia, food compulsions, nibbling ...


Nutritionniste intolérances alimentaires sur Paris
Nutritional management of food allergies and intolerances concerns: gluten, lactose, cow's milk protein, peanut ...
Medically diagnosed food allergies affect only a small fraction of the world's population and require the definitive exclusion (for life) of a defined food. Allergies are often diagnosed early and cause many complications that can be life-threatening.

Food intolerances are manifested by various digestive disorders that temporary food exclusion will improve rapidly.
Nutritional management is paramount as it helps to identify responsible food and improves quality of life.

Intolérances 1 Food intolerances Gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free diet. Learn to live well with food intolerance.
Intolérances 2
Intolérances 3
Intolérances 4


The nutritionist adapts the dietary pattern to the pathology of the patient. All the pathologies related to the food, and in particular the diabetes, are treated in consultation of dietetics and nutrition.
The different pathologies supported in consultation are diabetes: (Diabetes Non Insulin Dependent, and Diabetes Insulin Dependent)
Weight is a constant concern in all type 2 diabetics. About 80% of type 2 diabetics are overweight or obese.

It should be remembered that a loss of 5 to 10% of the initial weight alone is accompanied by a reduction of 0.5% in HbA1c. Your nutritionist dietician in Paris can help you monitor your weight.

To control your diet is to monitor your blood sugar levels and to delay the evolution of the disease.

Pathologies 1 Pathologies Eating well when you are diabetic, obese...
Pathologies 2
Pathologies 3
Pathologies 4


Sports Dietetics is an adaptation of the nutritional balance based on the physiological needs of the sport practiced and its frequency. Practicing physical activity increases the metabolism which increases the nutritional needs.
Nutritional management of athletes by a dietician nutritionist meets the following demands: Fat loss, lean muscle mass and weight gain, lean mass drying, increase performance.
Manage competitions: Before / During / After / Improve recovery time.

Sports nutrition is giving your body the means to become more efficient.

Sportifs 1 Sportitfs et Nutrition Sport et nourriture. Bien manger lorqu'on est sportif. Se préparer avant une épreuve physique.
Sportifs 2
Sportifs 3
Sportifs 4
Flavie, 9th february 2017

Beginning of the diet in November ... - 11Kg today! So happy! Thank you for everything

Dani, 27th Novembre 2016

Great shape, 10 kg in 2 months and a half, this diet was good for me.

Jocelyne, 15th november 2016

18 kgs in 7 months without any special effort. Thanks to Mr Nourtier nutritionist in Paris for his advice, his follows up, his kindness. A new life in a new body. Dazzling form.

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