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Nutrition et Grossesse


Le contrôle du poids pendant la grossesse

In early pregnancy, restoring a balanced diet allows the pregnant woman to meet the nutritional needs of the baby and his family. Sometimes this leads to such an improvement, that it allows to limit weight gain during the first weeks of pregnancy, by having a future mother in pain.

« Etre en pleine santé pendant la grossesse, pour donner la vie »

Pregnant women must feed themselves to give their bodies the essential for the growth of their baby, but also the specific needs of their bodies for pregnancy.

By listening to the desires and needs of the pregnant woman, the balanced diet of the pregnant woman allows a pregnancy in full health. There is no diet for the pregnant woman, there is no question of losing weight.

It is one of the most beautiful period in a woman's life. What is more beautiful than giving life? In any case, the diet must be simple and provide maximum pleasure. Better to end your pregnancy with a kilo more while being fulfilled than to be frustrated or sad. The priority is the comfort of the future mother to be in the best conditions to accommodate her baby.

Apart from a good nutritional balance for the future mother, we often meet other concerns.

Blood glucose levels:
To limit blood glucose levels or manage gestational diabetes, you need to understand some digestive mechanisms to control post-meal glucose rise. I explain all these mechanisms to each woman in the enclosure, which for me is the main way to understand what is happening in her body and thus naturally change certain habits. The goal of nutrition is to avoid the mechanical rise of blood glucose to limit or avoid the consequences and associated medical treatments.

Some pregnant women are sometimes tired. A balanced diet and the associated dietary advice help alleviate this fatigue by giving the body all the essential nutrients for its better functioning.

They are common in early pregnancy but are not serious and usually fade rather quickly. During this period, it is normal that the mother-to-be goes to the food that makes her happy. We must not limit the food that passes or blame the future mother. In most cases the appetite comes back naturally and the nausea fades.

The digestion:
Disturbances of digestion can be accentuated, but improve with the reorganization of the diet and accurate dietary advice. A simple set of tips and rules, easy to adapt, allow for quick improvement. Temporary constipation can be improved with the advice of a nutritionist.

For mothers who want to breastfeed, diet is essential for the composition of breast milk, to meet the nutritional needs of the baby. The comfort of the young mother as the baby during breastfeeding is essential.

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