Pascal NOURTIER is Dietitian - Nutritionist since 2005. Passionate about plants and spices, he is also a graduate in phytotherapy and micronutrition.

Nutritionist in Paris

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Pascal Nourtier is Nutritionist in Paris 8 ème for more than 12 years. Amazing experience in hospital at the Necker "Enfants Malades" Hospital in Paris at the beginning of his career, Pascal Nourtier has always remained very close to the medical community.

For the past 12 years, weight loss is Pascal Nourtier specialty. Specialised from the beginning of his activity to sustainable thinning, to meet an ever increasing demand. He is continuously trained, at university and in seminars, to know the new scientific advances in nutrition and to advice and look after patients.

My goals are to give you complete satisfaction in your approach, but above all to give you the keys to make it sustainable.

Effective results
and sustainable results

Losing weight and stabilising is the goal and result of my consultation. The nutritional balance that will allow lasting stabilisation is acquired during weight loss.

Stabilization is the correct way of all new habits taken during follow-up. During weight loss, I teach each patient how their body works, the digestion, the role and the need of each food to achieve independence.

Monitoring these new rules
are essential to stabilise.

What do we do

Our Services

Each patient is unique so my approach will be tailored to each patient needs.
Our objectif is to help achieving goals.
Success will happen if we work together.

Your nutritional health

in Paris City Centre

It is in the heart of the city that Pascal Nourtier opened his clinics to be closer to the Parisian life.

Nutritionist Paris - Champs Elysées

In the middle of the most beautiful avenue in the world.

76-78 avenue des Champs Élysées
75 008 PARIS
Phone: 00 33 +6 03 30 04 40
Email :

Nutritionist Paris - Cabinet de la Madeleine

Rue Tronchet, close to Saint-Lazare train station.

31 rue Tronchet
75 008 PARIS
Phone: 00 33 +6 03 30 04 40
Email :

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Pascal Nourtier is often asked to answer the questions of the general public in the media or to give professional advice on current news.

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Pascal Nourtier answers to the media around current topics
. weight loss is Pascal Nourtier specialty.Reporting on a food and diets, he answers all questions to share his knowledge and experience.


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Jo and Françoise (her coach!), 10th May 2017

10Kg in 2 months, World Champion!
I listened Dr. Nourtier> HIs method works so well...

Etienne, 7th March 2017

1st and last regime at almost 50 years old. 14kg of lost in 8 weeks ...
With a little imagination, we can easily have fun, the hardest being the first step.

Firdaouss, 15th december 2016

I came to see Mr. Nourtier more than five months ago. I had a click one day, I said to myslef too much is too much, you have to do something. This is the first time I go on a diet, I did not know what to expect. Quick weight loss without feeling of deprivation or hunger. I'm back doing sport - 23 Kg in 5 months


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