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Eating disorder


Behavior and eating disorders

Eating disorders are common but not yet well supported.
What is the border between nibbling and bulimia, between lack of appetite and anorexia?
In consultation, I discuss with patients the origins of their disorders, the frequency and their nature, without judgment, but with an attentive ear to be able to provide the most precise and the most accurate nutritional assistance.

In most cases, it is fear and anxiety that are responsible. Self-esteem is the major focus of this behavior.

Behavioral disorders cause a number of disorders of the body and metabolism. Poor nutrition, whether excessive or insufficient, prevents the body from receiving the nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals) it needs. These needs are evaluated in consultation and advice is given on putting this diet into practice.

It is then an endless sequence that maintains these disorders, which poses a serious problem when the patient is in the process of getting out of it. Fatigue caused by poor nutrition leads to physical descent and social isolation. We can get out of this vicious circle by getting help from health professionals.

Dietary diagnosis is essential to assess the nature of body imbalances related to disorders. A reorganization of the basics of a balanced diet, adapted to the tastes, way of life and goals of my patients, helps put my patients on the road to success. The course is often long enough in this type of case, but success is possible. The reduction of disorders is the priority. During follow-up consultations, the remaining troubles are then peeled together so that I can adapt the best modifications to the diet.

In all cases, a medical follow-up accompanied by blood tests and a psychological assessment are recommended in order to save time on the nutritional care. Nutritional management can always be the first step in the overall management of the problem. I never judge a patient, but simply propose to him to ad- just the best the choice of the food and the organisation of the meals to answer the needs of the organism.

Each patient is unique, which is why my attentive listening is essential to understand your expectations as closely as possible. Patients should not be guilty in our interviews: I'm here to help you.
Bulimia and anorexia are perverse disorders that can be successfully overcome in stages.

For a request to make an appointment for a nutritional assessment of eating behavior, thank you to report it during your call.

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