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Weight Loss


The miracle solution to lose weight does not exist!

I propose to each patient to use a methodology adapted to their needs and objectives. My main concern is to prepare the final stabilisation from the first consultation. It's not all about losing weight.

Initiate a real and visible weight loss

Prepare for stabilisation by teaching the patient how their body works.
According to the latest studies, only 15 to 20% of patients who have lost weight permanently stabilise. Most people who lose weight deprive themselves too brutally and over too long periods, to come out without respecting the different levels of stabilisation.

I never impose on the patient a method that they do not want. We discuss the different possibilities in consultation and it is always the patient who chooses.

I work with the patient on the weight loss they want (slow, progressive or fast) by respecting the needs of their body, but especially by explaining to them the risks incurred in case of abrupt abandonment of new habits.

Some patients give up their new habits as soon as the goals are achieved and unfortunately gain bacl a lot of weight. As I always say to all my patients, it's not the restaurant on Saturday night or the Sunday morning pastry that is gaining weight!

It is giving up of the daily balanced diet organised in consultation.

Monitoring depends on each patient! It can be intense or spaced and can always evolve. It depends on the goals, expectations and motivation of the patient. There is no universal model because each patient is different and I guide them to lose weight in their own way. It is the same for the method.

This is not a unique or universal method for everyone, but to learn to lose weight and not to gain back. This is the goal from the first consultation.

Losing weight with pleasure without sacrificing social life is also possible when it is done correctly.

Weight loss helps to reduce all disorders and complications related to overweight or obesity:

  • Chronic fatigue, shortness of breath,
  • Self-image,
  • Heart problems,
  • Joint problems,
  • Cholesterol, triglycerides,
  • Hypertension

Weight loss works like mathematics. There's no hazard. I often say to my new patients: "50% of mathematics, 50% of psychology", "You have to be ready for change to succeed. Losing weight requires effort. Stabilising and not resuming imposes acceptance of change. "

To have desires or to feel lacks during the weight loss is not reprehensible! Sometime it can be more complicated and we must not feel guilty.

I always tell my patients: "you did not kill anyone, you just want to lose weight".

That's why I'm here to help my patients overcome each of their difficulties, without ever judging them. I help patients lose weight with kindness and encouragement. We are here to succeed in losing weight together without suffering!

Together, we will succeed!

Effective results
and sustainable results

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